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The Beauty of Everyday Life


rancine and Lionel are a husband and wife team. They are complete opposites, but they balance each other's photography strengths






Their differences are truly their strength since Lionel photographs from a mans perspective and Francine from a womans point of view. Working as individual artists, you get dual coverage of your entire event from two artists who see the world through different lenses (literally!). Their teamwork and experience keeps them calm, happy, and comfortable no matter what the day brings!

The way they workout passion is to show every person in the best light possible. They create portraits with artistic direction to be beautiful and revealing true character, while the documentary (*candid*) part of their work is hands off, allowing the situations to shape the images, creating captured images full of real moments!

and weaknesses. They never set out to become photographers - Photography found them in 2010, and since then they've been happier than ever, working with each other every day doing something they both are very passionate about. Francine is the main shooter, Lionel is the main editor. Francine's photography style tends to be more lifestyle/casual, incorporating natural light. Lionel's photography style is edgier, incorporating additional lighting techniques. Francine is the laid back, down to business photographer, while Lionel provides the comic relief. Francine and Lionel both contribute important aspects to their photography which makes them completely unique.